What we do

Amazing Bucket is a global travel PAID search site comparing flights, hotels and car rental deals.

We don’t sell flight tickets, hotel rooms or car rental deals – we show you an overview of available travel options, the latest available prices and let you choose the offer you prefer. One click and you’re taken directly to your chosen site where the booking is completed.

Our vision

Our vision is of a world where our differences are a source of inspiration and development, not intolerance and prejudice. Our purpose is to give courage and encourage each one of us to stay curious and be open-minded so we can all enjoy a better, more diversified world.


We are not a travel agency, and we don’t sell tickets. We only do unbiased research for you and give you best options, If you have questions concerning a booking, please contact the supplier directly.

Get the best deals

We search and compare real-time prices on flights, hotels and cars so you can find the cheapest, quickest and best travel deals depending upon your criteria as set by you.

100% price transparency

Once you feed in your requirement, we will do a customized special search according to your requirements and give you clear comparison of pricing and product for all possible suppliers. Then it is your decision to further buy or not buy from any supplier.

Amazing Bucket is a travel metasearch site that finds and compares the best offers on flights, charters, hotels, villas, islands, car rentals & transfers etc. We’re NOT free, which means that we charge for our search services.

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